Tree Pruning / Trimming

Leave the difficult work of tree pruning and tree trimming to the experts at Specialist Tree Service, Houston, Texas. Effective tree pruning and trimming is an ongoing maintenance process for appearance, health and safety, that requires tree care expertise. Proper trimming and pruning of your trees will make your property more beautiful and valuable, saving you money in the long run with trees that are easier to manage.

Tips for Tree Pruning and Tree Trimming

Careful pruning and trimming is considered the most critical maintenance procedure you can do during the life of a tree, transforming its health, stability, size, shape and lifespan. We follow professional arborist standards for tree pruning and trimming:

  • Cut young branches.
  • Remove dead branches.
  • Trim and prune during the dormant season unless the tree poses a safety risk.
  • Cut with an angle away from the branch or trunk and cut downward.
  • Avoid splitting the remaining branch below the cut line.
  • Cut away from the ridge of bark.
  • Avoid harming the branch collar.
  • Save branches with stable angles with a U shape.
  • Cut weaker branches with a V shape.
  • Trim crossing branches.
  • Avoid leaving a stub by trimming a branch too far away from the trunk.
  • Be careful of trimming the crown of a tree. Do not remove more than 25 percent of the crown.

Your Local Houston Tree Pruning and Tree Trimming Service Provider

We understand the specific maintenance needs of the trees in the region and have the necessary arborist equipment to properly prune and trim trees. We are known as the neighborhood tree service provider for residential and commercial customers, in the Houston Metropolitan Area, serving communities in the surrounding area, including:

Why So Many Turn to Us for Tree Trimming and Pruning Services

Brothers Henry and Jesse of Specialist Tree Service have teamed up to provide affordable, dependable and experienced tree services in the Houston area. We have been an Accredited Business on Better Business Bureau since 2002, maintaining the highest BBB rating of A+ with all positive reviews.

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Why do so many customers rely on Specialist Tree Service?

  • Experience. We have been providing high-quality tree service since 1981.
  • Dependability. We are licensed and insured for your protection.
  • Responsiveness. We offer 24-hour emergency service.
  • Great service. Call for a free estimate.

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